Students today walk an unforgiving tight rope, whilst juggling a multitude of demands and carrying more burdens than youths have ever done. These material aim to help students navigate the educational landscape with greater ease so that they can have more time for what is really important - being children.

Exam Tips

The Anatomy of an Exam Question
Ever wondered why you are writing the right answers but not getting the mark for it? Find out how questions are built and what each part does.

Types of Questions
Not all exam questions are the same. Find out the various types and why each has its own demands.

The Importance of Command Words
Students who study well for tests don't always do well in them. Find out why paying attention to the Command Words is just as important.

Managing Structured Questions
Find out how to best analyze and answer structured questions with this guide.

Managing Open-Ended Questions
Find out how to best analyze and answer open-ended questions with this guide. It even comes with a worked example.

Sunday, January 17, 2016
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