Monday, August 17, 2015


Learning will take place regardless of our efforts. What then becomes important is to ensure that the learning that takes place is in line with our desired goals.

Learning can therefore be a deliberate or an incidental construct. The same information, when delivered, can result in many different interpretations, and consequently different learning is acquired. If we do not state point blank, in no uncertain terms, what the Key Learning is, what the truly important take away from the lesson is; our students will never know what to look out for. And this deliberate effort must start with the crafting of the Key Learning.

To this end, the structure that Wiggins and McTighe provide within the Understanding by Design framework affords us a comprehensive approach to the construction of relevant and meaningful learning experiences aimed at fostering long term retention of key knowledge.

There are 3 stages in the framework and in the following sections, we will focus on the 3 elements in Stage I to help us triangulate our goals and craft effective and meaningful Key Learning.

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