Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Question 1:

‘This coastline often experiences strong destructive waves. Explain why this is so, using evidence from Fig. 1.’ [4]

Is this a Data Response or Information Recall question?

While the answer can be conceivably derived from textbook information, the Conditional Command Word dictates that the only information that is admissible in the answer is that which comes from Fig. 1. Therefore, the Conditional Command Word makes it a Data Response.

However, it is worth noting that if the phrase “using evidence from Fig. 1” was removed from the question, it would become an Information Recall question.

Question 2:

‘Assuming that the metal is in Group I of the Periodic Table, write an equation for this reaction. State symbols are not required.’ [1]

Is this a Data Response or Information Recall question?

There is insufficient information in the question to be able to construct the answer. There are also clues in the question that point to it being reliant on prior data. The words “the metal” and “this reaction” point to an earlier reference or question that helps define to what these words refer. So not only is this a Data Response Question, it is also possibly part of a series.

Question 3:

‘Given that the increase in the cost of a ticket during the peak season is $2.00, form an equation in x and show that it reduces to 2x-143=0.’ [2]

Is this a Data Response or Information Recall question?

Given the amount of information that is in the question, it is difficult to tell because all that is needed to answer this question is a definition of how much the cost of the ticket was before the increase. That could have been derived in an earlier question or given in a source.
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